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Medical Spanish for Health Care Professionals: A New Approach


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Visit the Companion Website for Interactive Flashcards of Key Terms in English and Spanish!

Medical Spanish for Health Care Professionals prepares you to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients is crucial – limited English proficiency (LEP) Hispanics currently make up 20 percent of the patient population in the United States, and the US is rapidly becoming a dual-language nation. If you don’t have the time to devote to learning the rules of Spanish, don’t worry; you don’t need to be a Spanish linguist to communicate with your patients, but you do need to know how to communicate with them. Through a novel but simple approach, Medical Spanish for Health Care Professionals will help you master elemental and basic conversational Spanish so your limited-English-proficient patients will understand you. By offering an early introduction of basic words and phrases along with multiple drills for mastering key health-related words, health care professionals and students will feel confident communicating with their Spanish-speaking patients and clients.

Also includes:

  • Bilingual vocabulary lists
  • Practice drills
  • Patient-health care professional encounter scenarios
  • Chapter objectives
  • Discussion questions
  • Useful appendices

Read the Prologue to Learn How To Use This Book!

View Chapter One: “Why Learn Spanish”


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