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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Workplaces can often be faced with a crisis concerning drug and alcohol use. While the potential risks and dangers are understood, few companies have adopted a policy robust enough to manage this effectively. Drug and alcohol testing for employers is a critical service that helps improve health and safety at work. For employees it is equally critical, as the result of a test could have a significant impact on their career. A key pillar of this service is the client’s drug and alcohol policy. Before we complete any testing, we highly recommend this policy is reviewed by one of our occupational health professionals.

ETAL can offer comprehensive advice on policy development, as well as a drug and alcohol testing service. Tests can be carried out at our clients facility (Onshore or Offshore) as a 24-hour service. Alcohol testing – alcohol testing is done using a calibrated breathalyser similar to those used by the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service.

The units used by ETAL are calibrated regularly to ensure their accuracy and reliability. Substance drug test – organisations whose policies are developed in the USA usually test for 10 substances tests. Given the worldwide nature of oil and gas, it is recommended that this be the screen of choice.